Diaphragm Spring Clutch Manufacturers

Mahalaxmi Spring Industries manufactures a wide variety of diaphragm spring clutches to suit different requirements of automobile industries. We are the leading diaphragm spring clutch manufacturers in India with built-in compliance and international quality standards, our diaphragm clutches offer outstanding performance and clutch life. Their smooth operations and high tensile strengths for holding heavy noise and vibrations help the applications to work for an extended life span. The diaphragm spring creates pressures on the clutch to enable engagement and disengagement. The diaphragm spring is dynamically loaded during compression. It mainly works on the principle of frictional force. The features like lightweight, compact size, higher torque transmission capacity, noise-free working, and dynamic high-speed balancing make our diaphragm spring clutches in great demand. Diaphragm spring clutches are commonly used in all automotive vehicle parts.