Heavy Duty Compression Spring

Heavy duty compression springs hold high stress and compression loads. These springs are required for applications where heavy forces are exerted on the springs. Our heavy-duty compression springs are typically used in applications like oil refineries, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment manufacturing, and construction equipment. Our engineers utilize high-quality silicon alloy in fabrication to make heavy-duty compression spring hold heavy compression forces for a long time. The cross-sections of these compression springs have a rectangular shape with rounded corners. The rounded corners at the ends allow these springs to stand compatibly on either side. Features like sturdy constructions, stable operation, corrosion resistance, excellent durability, and precise dimensions make them in great demand over other substitutes in the market. Our engineers have made constructions to prevent the chances of length loss during heavy compressions. The shot peening of the heavy duty compression springs allows them to operate flexibly for an extended-term period. These compression springs come in different configurations for conditions, such as medium load, heavy load, and excessive load.