Torsion Spring is used when there is a need of a rotational torque. Torsion Spring is used in clothespin, window shades, counterbalance mechanisms, ratchets, hinged and other machine components. We are the prominent Torsion Spring Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We use high grade spring wire for fabricating the Torsion Springs. We offer a material certification for custom made spring to ensure our customers the materials used in the manufacturing is of good quality. We are a reputed Torsion Spring Manufacturer in Gujarat.

Double Torsion Springs in India

We also perform export and supply services across India. We also manufacture Double Torsion Springs. Mahalaxmi Spring Industries is a prominent Torsion Spring Supplier in India. With the experience of trading services we are one of the qualitative Torsion Spring Suppliers in India.

Features of Torsion Spring

  • The cylindrical wire used in Torsion Spring can be made of any shape or size.
  • This spring can perform both clockwise and anticlockwise wound.